Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update Finally!! A long one too... XD

So an update after over a year of absent, finally!! I was inspired to go back to this blog that I have left neglected for over a year!! And so first of all, what have I been doing after all that time... Read on... ;p

I'm one of many people who actuary wrote a resolution for every year and 2008 was no exception and got it posted on a wall somewhere, but unfortunately, I've never fulfill not even half of it but one was true... A new job! But this job takes me back to my old hometown where I grew up and now away from my parents and brothers and sister.

This company is formed by a friend, and its still a brand new company, an Interior Design company called "Monde Designs". I am also beign employied by another company, an associate company of Monde Designs. Its an Architectural company called "Hasegawa & Xavior Associate" So what makes me change my job? some might ask... I always liked my work especially 3D designs but it seems that my former job does not make use much of my 3D talent. I begin to question myself what am I doing in that company. Though I love designs in all forms but it seems that i wanted to be able to utilize more of my 3D skills, be able to create a grand 3D piece and being acknowledged by others. Now that I'm doing both 2D and 3D designs on a daily basis I'm enjoying every bit of it. Its tough being employied by two company but at least I'm not complaining this time. =D

It wasn't a smooth move back to my old town as my parents was reluctant but they gave me the freedom todo what I wanted still. Im curretly staying with my relatives and planning to move out soon into a place of my own.

I got intouch with my old schoolmates and friends again and friends not met for ages... I mean like over 10 years!!!! and since culture here is bit different then west malaysia... in East malaysia or the city of Kota Kinabalu AKA. Kay Kay, people here tend to party bit harder and thus alcohol consuption is way higher then anyother states in Malaysia. So yes I partied almost every weekend. Getting drunk and hangovers the next morning is becomin the norm way of my life.. XD

Though not be able to party like KK when I was in KL, I do miss KL, my KL buddies, brothers and sisters and my parents... Realy do miss them.... so much so for my last birthday, I celebrated twice... In KL and in KK. =D

For now I'm still trying to cope with new changes and still settling down at the moment, getting established and restablish my connections in this old town. Its still in the first quarter of 2009, my job has been keeping me busy during the weekdays, and hanging around with friends on the weekends... things and time has gone past pretty much like normal.

For this blog... I guess I will still continue updating it from time to time. =D

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to work Monday...

Was on holiday for a week and now, I'm back in office and feeling
really tired, I just got back this morning at midnight. Had lots of fun and enjoyed my trip back to my hometown and now I can't wait for next year.

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year 2008

Happy New year 2008!!... \(^o^)/

Its now 2008, a fresh new year. Planned anything for this year? Well I have, and its quite a long list and one of them reads " Gotta get a new Job!" cause mine sucks!!!

Other then that, well some list of nice games coming out and looking forward to play. Oh! and that reminds me I need my PC upgraded. =.= ok after I get my new job with good pay!

Here's a list of Malaysian holidays for 2008
    10: Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah)* 1429 Hijrah

    7 & 8: Chinese New Year

    20: Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

  • MAY
    1: Labour Day19: Wesak Day

  • JUNE
    7: Birthday Celebration of Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agong

    31: National Day

    1 & 2: Hari Raya Puasa *27: Deepavali

    8 & 9: Hari Raya Haji/Qurban*25: Christmas29: Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah)* 1430 Hijrah

* Subject to changes
Whenever a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the next day shall be a public holiday

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

ZOMG its 25th!! Whishing all a happy merry Christmas. =p

Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the Holiday starts now!!!!

So yesterday was a holiday and today I totally don't feel like working... I am already, totally in the holiday mood. 4 days from now it'll be Christmas and after that I'll be on vacation and be back after New Year..!!!! Lets party!!!!!! hohoho...!!!
Im still in office... =.=

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ever tried googling up your name??

I don't know bout you guys out there but i did try looking up my own name on Google and also some other search engines myself. But that was long time ago. The results... well... there was nothing associated with my name ever on the first few pages, and i never bother looking deeper. Not surprise since I am just a low life nobody.... =.=

But then, today, after reading that article, I try again... This time with some of my social communuty sites usernames then my name (Sohcf, Soh Chin Fei) . The results was pages of sites from multiply, friendster, and other community sites that I've ever posted appeared! The Google web spider bots was so effective that it was dead on!!!! From top to bottom, 1st to last was everysites from the community..... My jaw was on my desk at that point. LOL

Zomg!!! my first blog!!!!!

So yeah out of boredom, I've decided to put up a blog of "whatever". I mean just about anything... :p